Two ‘Soul Caliber V’ Characters Teased! Can You Guess Who They Are?



One of the most important factors to remember from the upcoming Namco title, Soul Caliber V, is the time skip that takes place from the game before.  There is a 17-year gap, which means that majority of the characters will not only look different, but possibly fight different as well.  Let’s not forget, this also opens up for new characters to make their debut.

E3 has already confirmed what we will be seeign long-time favorites Siegfried and Mitsurugi this time around and also two new characters – Patroklos and his sister Pyrrha.  But of course, the rumor mill has been started by Namco that there will be two new additions to the roster, waiting tobe unveiled at Comic Con. 

For the time being, we’re only privy to their silhouettes.   With only their shadows to hint at who they could be, can you make an accurate guess?


The first character seems fairly easy to guess. Look at the long jacket and collar – it has to be Raphael, the french swordsman who made his debut in Soul Cailber II.  It also makes perfect sense for him to make an appearance.  He is arguably the top villian in the entire series, but he also became a vampiric creature between the second and third game, making an appearance seventeen years in the future would have very little change for him.

The other one is a bit harder, but most likely, Talim.  She was right around 15 or 16 during the other games – so seventeen years later she still wouldn’t be “too old to fight.” If anything, she could return as a much better fighter than ever before. But the overall perky tone in the picture certainly contradicts her character – which was a lot more calm and subdued.

Of course, we still will not know for sure until Comic Con – which runs from July 20th to 24th.  Stay tuned!

Soul Calibur V will arrive in 2012 for the Xbox 360 and PS3.


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