Fullmetal Alchemist Movie 4 Minute Special Preview!


On Saturday, the official website for the upcoming Fullmetal Alchemist movie The Sacred Star of Milos, began streaming a 4 minute preview of the film, which is set to air July 2, in Japan. The video contains actual footage of the movie. Have a look!

Unfortunately the footage is raw (not subtitled) but still worth watching in any case. The website takes a minute to load (for me at least) but it will load so be patient. Also, the first Japanese moviegoers will┬áreceive the “11.5th” manga volume which Arakawa herself is drawing.

No news on when the movie will be dubbed (or subbed for that matter) but as soon as we know, we’ll fill you in. There will most likely be a raw version leaked some time in the future, and a group will probably subtitle that (poorly, as they usually are). But nonetheless, for now, we wait.


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