Sonic Generations Demo Available Today!


It has been twenty years since our favorite blue hedgehog, Sonic, made his first appearance on the Sega Genesis.  In celebration Sega has released a demo for its upcoming platform throwback Sega Generations.

Xbox Live Gold subscribers can get their hands on a 652MB demo from the Xbox Live Marketplace right now!  Sonic Generations features both the original Sonic we have all grown up with and the new “modern” Sonic, letting you play it as the traditional side-scroller or a new fancy modern 3D version.  The actual game will be release on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Nintendo 3DS in late 2011.

The demo contains the first act of the Green Hill Zone and you get to play as the original Sonic.  According to Sega, the demo is only going to available for 20 days! So hurry and grab it and check it out before it is too late!



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