“The Lord Of The Rings” Extended Edition Comes To Theaters


A very special three week event started on June 14th in select theaters across the country – a showing of the extended edition of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The Fellowship of the Ring was shown last Tuesday, June 14th, The Two Towers was shown yesterday, June 21st, and The Return of the King is scheduled for next Tuesday, June 28th. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to The Fellowship of the Ring, but yesterday, I had the pleasure to be transported to Middle-earth once more, with The Two Towers in all its big screen glory. For me it was even more special since I never got a chance to see the trilogy in a theater when it originally came out. And as if it wasn’t epic enough already, the movie was preceded by an introduction by Peter Jackson where he talked a bit about what scenes were the hardest to shoot, about The Two Towers as a whole, and thanked the viewers for coming out to see it.

Needless to say, 3 hours and 40 minutes flew by. I was especially impressed by the great quality of sound and enjoyed Howard Shore’s amazing score even more. The battle of Helm’s Deep was of course one of the highlights and pretty mind-blowing to see on the big screen. The spectacular scenery that The Lord of the Rings is so famous for was quite breath-taking to watch. What I really enjoy about these extended editions is that they have so much more little scenes between all the characters that make their interactions just so much more special. Some movies are truly meant to be experienced on the big screen and The Lord of the Rings is definitely one of them.


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