“Pottermore” Revealed? Secret Harry Potter Project Leaked a Day Early


What is Pottermore? This is the questions that fans have been patiently waiting to hear answered. According to movieviral.com, a leaked memo about the project had just enough information to clue readers into the mystery of Pottermore. Another source, the Los Angeles Times, stated that the memo was leaked to every newspaper in England, outlining the public relations strategy of the project.

So what is Pottermore? “The project appears to be an online game in which players will follow clues to find prizes hidden in the real world!” (movieviral.com) The memo alludes to some sort of quest in which players will have to somehow track down hidden wands throughout the U.S, U.K, and possibly other parts of the world. Speculative news sources have reported that the Pottermore  will have similar attributes as World of Warcraft, which means players will be able to interact with one another as their character in the game.

Though this news is huge, it’s also partly speculative. Some sources have indicated that it might even be part of the entire marketing ploy of the PR company behind the project. Therefore Harry Potter fans should absolutely stay tuned for the official announcement, which will take place tomorrow via a YouTube announcement by J.K. Rowling herself.


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