Grand Theft Auto 5 Is “Well Underway”


According to a rather mysterious source, who claims to be very close with Rockstar Games, the development of their newest hit Grand Theft Auto 5 is “well underway.”  There are many definitions as to what this could mean but the source says that GTA5 is already receiving its finishing touches.  This could definitely be possible, but it is hard to believe that a game that is this far along in its development does not have any sort of teasers or announcements to back it up. The mysterious sources also went on to state that it would be “pretty likely” for the game to release in 2012 and that the game would be on a very large scale.

For not having an official announcment, GTA5 is definitely receiving a lot of buzz inside the gaming community.  It is being rumored as a Wii U launch title, as well as a very anticipated sequeal amongst gamers. Fans of the series are hoping that GTA5 is comparable in size to the previous installment – Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Even though it was criticized for being “too large” or having “too many open areas,” it helped scale the game to contribute to the overall feel of the game’s world.  Traveling between cities actually felt like you were having to make that drive, requiring quite a bit of time between them.  This is what could make GTA5 stand out over other sandbox open world games.

Whether we can trust this mysterious source or not, it would not be surprising for Rockstar to officially unveil Grand Theft Auto 5 withing the next few months.


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