Noir Anime To Get Live-Action Show!


Filmmaker Sam Raimi, along with producing partner Rob Tapert are currently working on a live-action remake of the popular anime Noir, which follows the story of two sexy female assassins. The show is set to release on Starz; so I might have to order that channel if the show ends up being amazing. Mireille Bouquet and Yumura Kirika embark on a journey together on a personal journey to seek answers about their mysterious past. The two form an alliance and begin performing assassinations under the code name “Noir”.

Sam Raimi has helped bring us awesome films such as the Grudge movies, the Spider-man Trilogy, 30 Days of Night, and the Spartacus Series; so hopefully his adaptation of Noir will be worth watching. If you haven’t seen the anime before, you can get it on Netflix, however it isn’t available for instant streaming, so you would have to rent it; but there you go.

I for one am looking forward to it; I don’t often watch too many TV shows but I can’t overlook an anime adaptation. As the series is just now gathering writers, it most likely wont hit your TV until later next year; but when we find out the season premier date, I’ll be marking my calendar.


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