J.K. Rowling to Announce Pottermore’s Purpose on June 23rd, Launches New Youtube Channel


J.K. Rowling recently shook the internet with her announcement of an announcement; the Potter author scattered various clues around the internet related to “an announcement equally exciting to a new book — but not a new book”. These clues lead fans to Pottermore.com, which has been confirmed as Rowling’s latest project. We recently reported on Pottermore and what a trademark registration has revealed about the top-secret project.

Rowling now appears to have launched a highly-stylized Youtube channel featuring many owls and a countdown clock to the big unveiling of Pottermore’s true purpose! The countdown clock will end on June 23rd, when it is presumed the author will appear in a Youtube video officially announcing and explaining Pottermore.com.

In the mean time, more owls can be found gathering on the Pottermore Youtube page — as the clock ticks down, the owl count increases. Fascinating!

What do you think Pottermore will be? Are you excited for the new website?


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