JK Rowling Announces… That a Major Announcement is Coming! “Equally Exciting” to a New Book


JK Rowling’s team has officially announced a major announcement (sounds a bit weird, eh?) — the major announcement is said to be “equally exciting” to a new book. The insanely popular Harry Potter author has been relatively mum on new projects since the release of her final Harry Potter book in 2007, much to the dismay of fans clamoring for more in the world of Potter and beyond. However, the author and her team have officially begun a teaser promotion aimed at offering a major clue to their new announcement, said to be coming in the next few days!

Rowling will be distributing ten sets of coordinates across various Harry Potter community websites over the next two days. These coordinates are used on the new website, SecretStreetView.com — if properly searched and zoomed in to street view level, fans will see a “magical” letter floating on the spot. It is presumed that all ten letters will spell out a clue as to what the announcement is.

The first three sets of coordinates are and reveal:

  • 42.523356,-70.890698 – Reveals: E
  • 51.530377,-0.123259  – Reveals: T
  • -34.410362,150.900671 – Reveals: O

Seven sets of coordinates have yet to be released. We’ll do our best to update this post as those come in.

What do you think the announcement could be?


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