Mario Party 9 Confirmed! Debut Trailer and Screenshots Revealed!


Yesterday we got a hint that a new Mario Party title was in the works, well we finally have a confirmation!  With confirmation of Mario Party 9, we are given an official trailer and screenshots to help raise that anticipation level of ours.  Like most debut trailers, it doesn’t show much, but it does show the players traveling around in one cart together, a strange change in gameplay perhaps?

Also, there were a number of new screenshots revealed, showing off some of the new mini games. Check them out:

[cincopa AcAA7p6MX0sP]

Will Mario Party 9 even be worth getting? Is it gonna be any different than all the previous Mario Party titles? Well, look at it this way, the game has been around since the N64 days so it has to be doing something right.  There are always new tweaks that keep the game fun and exciting and Mario Party 9 surely can’t disappoint.


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