Weekly Anime Recommendation, Week 5: Blue Exorcist


Blue Exorcist is a relatively new show that started mid April; I just recently discovered it on Crunchyroll. The show is about this kid named Rin Okumura; he’s a bit of a slacker unlike his exceptional twin brother Yukio. While Yukio is preparing to go to the prestigious True Cross Academy, Rin is job hunting.

He manages to land a job at a grocery store but after one day, he is let go. While at the job, he notices a creature messing around with a little girl and he goes to help her but ends up causing a lot of damage to the store and they fire him. Later when he is explaining to his dad what happened, his dad realizes that his son is able to see demons.

As it turns out, his father is an exorcist, though Rin knew of his profession, he never took it seriously; he merely thought his old man was scamming people. In light of this new development with his son, Shiro Fujimoto immediately takes action.

While Rin is out, he runs into some guys who gave him trouble the other day except this time, the ‘leader’ of this little ‘gang’ looks different to him. He is actually a demon who has possessed the kid’s body. He goes to stick a red hot iron rebar into Rin’s mouth but is interrupted when Rin’s power erupts in a violent explosion of blue flames engulfing his entire body. The demon realizes what Rin is; He is the son of Satan. Astaroth attempts to take his ‘prince’ back to Gehenna (hell) with him but before he can, Shiro arrives, chanting verses from the Bible in an attempt to exorcise the possessed kid. He effortlessly takes care of the demon and rescues Rin.

Without getting further into the show and spoiling anything, there is a ranking system for exorcists. They start out as a Page, then promote to an Esquire, then finally become an Exorcist, with lower, middle, and upper first and second class ranks. From there, they become Honorary Knights, and Arc Knights. The most powerful exorcist is given the title Paladin, of which, there is only one in the world.

Along with these ranks, there are certain meisters which an exorcist can claim. Knights will use swords and close combat. Dragoons will use ranged weapons, mainly guns with silver bullets and such. Though, there are also these awesome Holy Water Grenades which do some damage. Tamers can summon demons and use them in battle, however if their will isn’t strong, or wavers, the demons may attack their masters. Doctors specialize in healing demon acquired injuries, poisons and curses and such. And lastly, there are Arias. Many demons have weak points known as “Fatal Verse”, in which an exorcist recites a specific passage from holy scripts that causes their death.

Blue Exorcist is seriously an awesome show. Rin, being the son of Satan, his dad, a complete badass, and a pretty sweet plot make this show well worth watching. You won’t be disappointed at all; well maybe when you catch upwith the series and are forced to wait a week for a new episode (of course, I just started reading the manga Ao No Exorcist). Well if you’re interested, here’s a link to the first episode.


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