Marvel to End Uncanny X-Men in October


“After a mutant-triggered international incident, anti-mutant hatred hits new heights,” –

An internal war is brewing in the corps of the X-Men (they just don’t really know it yet). The upcoming event, Schism, is set to end more than just the sometimes-fragile bond between alpha males and constant competitors Wolverine and Cyclops. Schism is going to end the Uncanny X-men title in order to split the teams via the sides they take. Therefore, in a move reminiscent of the early 90’s yet much more infused with angst, Uncanny X-men will be rid of their long running ‘Uncanny’ title in order to provide a title for each side of the internal struggle of Schism. The cut will be made in October with issue #544.

X-Men: Schism is set to be a five-part event series written by Jason Aaron and a group of various artists. The first issue will be drawn by Carlos Pacheco. The basic premise of Schism is somewhat known: the moral code is a bit fuzzy in the ranks of the X-men at the moment. To kill, or not to kill? That’s a really  big question. Schism will highlight the moral divide within the mutant community. Characters and readers alike are going to be asked to take sides on the issue.

But there is more! Other subplots have recently been revealed by editor-in-chief Axel Alonso including the re-emergence of a character that has a special talent for completely throwing everything and everyone around him into chaos: Quentin Quire. “He’s not the sole problem. He is a cog in a bigger machine,” said Aaron. Aaron called Morrison’s “New X-Men ” his favorite X-Men run. He will be bringing back some of the themes and plot points from this run. Look forward to also seeing the presence of the ever-popular Sentinals and an all new Hellfire Club.

Senior Editor Nick Lowe explains that this conflict between Scott and Logan has been boiling for years. From the first time they met when the X-men were under the pen of Chris Claremont. For the past five years the big guys holding the strings of the X-men plots have been deliberating about the best way to approach the event that makes this rivalry finally bubble over, affecting everyone and everything around them.

There will be a total of four Schism prelude issues, two of which are already out and the third will be released this upcoming Wednesday. These issues absolutely hint to the upcoming plot elements. Actual Schism #1 will be released on July 13, 2011.

So is Marvel taking the ax to the Uncanny title for good? Eh… more than likely not. Rumor mill predicts that once the event is over a whole different event will probably bring everyone back under this one big happy family of a title. But no one can say for sure. We just have to wait and see.



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