E3: Nintendo Announces New Game Console (Wii U), New Games!


Nintendo’s keynote at E3 2011 was arguably the biggest at the convention: the gaming giant finally announced their incredible new game console, featuring controllers with their own touch screens! They also announced new games and more. We’ve got a complete wrap-up of their presentation for you to enjoy:

Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo has unveiled their next console to be the Wii U; despite the fact that they are releasing a new console with 1080p capabilities, the controller itself is stealing the spotlight. As it stands, there’s a D-Pad, four shoulder buttons, front-facing camera, dual sliding-sticks, and the classic A, B, X, Y interface as well as an integrated 6.2 inch single-touch touchscreen LCD with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The controller communicates with the Wii U using Bluetooth and RF technology, in the same way that the Wiimote does with the Wii.

Here’s a descriptive video talking about it a little more.




Zelda on the Wii U

Here’s a demo of a Zelda game on the Nintendo Wii U. As an advent Zelda fan, I cannot wait for this game as well as the NWU system.



Zelda: Skyward Sword Trailer

Probably what I am looking forward to the most right now. I want to create a cryostasis chamber so I don’t have to wait anymore.



Pokedex 3DS

While it’s not really ground-breaking, I thought this presentation was pretty cool. We’re clearly very close to being able to battle with real Pokémon!



Shield Pose on the Wii U

This demo looks a bit more like an arcade game rather than a full game, but it’s a pretty interesting demonstration in any case.



Super Mario 3DS

Nintendo sure does make a LOT of Super Mario games, but we won’t complain — they’re always fun to play. Can’t wait for this one to arrive.



Mario Kart 3DS

Not sure where the racers’ underwater breathing apparatuses are, but this game looks pretty sweet! I did notice a few unoriginal courses — but hey, it’s in 3D… right?



Pikmin 3 on the Wii U

Well it’s about time, Nintendo! While there is not much to report on it, it has been confirmed that Pikmin 3 will be releasing on the Wii U. After seeing the interfacing of the controller with your TV in the Shield Pose demo, it would be pretty cool to actually pick your Pikmin yourself, though a gimmick like that may get annoying. Unfortunately there’s no trailer this early on, but expect one in the near-ish future.


Luigi’s Mansion 2

At long last, Luigi’s Mansion is finally being followed by a sequel. It’s going to be released for the 3DS and looks absolutely amazing.



That’s it for now! We certainly have a lot to look forward to from Nintendo this year.


Side note for Zelda fans: Anyone planning on buying Zelda OOT on the 3DS may want to check out Club Nintendo. If you register your copy of Ocarina of Time 3D, Nintendo will send you a free copy of the Official Soundtrack for the game. All you have to do is make an account (if you don’t already have one) and use the code (located by the instruction booklet in the game’s case). They have special offers like this all the time if you didn’t know; I received several Quill Pen DS Styluses from Phantom Hourglass during one giveaway. Pretty cool stuff!

[via IGN]

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