What the DC revamp means for Batman: Titles and Images for Reissued Batman Released


Detective Comics No. 1 Cover

Ever wanted to own Batman issue #1? Or howabout Detective Comics issue #1. Well, your chance is coming. Of course those number ones will be the first of the Batman line of the new DC revamp coming in August. Here is a list of the other titles, as announce by DC  today:

Batman #1: Written by Scott Snyder. Art by Greg Capullo

Detective Comics #1 Writing and Art by Tony Daniel.  

According of IGN, both Batman and Detective will feature Bruce Wayne as Batman. But, Bruce Wayne will be the only character wearing the Batman suit. Does that mean that Batman Incorporated is finished? – Not exactly. While the other titles are getting a complete overhall, Batman Incorporated will merely be returning with a ner #1 in early September.

Batman and Robin No. 1 Cover

Batman and Robin #1  Written by Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason. Batman will of course be played by Bruce and Robin shall be his son, Damian.

Batman: The Dark Knight #1: Written by David Finch. At this time DC will not commit to finishing the current plot arc prior to the August reissuing.

Additional interesting tidbits of news from the mouth of DC representatives is that Dick Grayson will be reprising his role as Nightwing and Barbara Gordon is feeling just batty enough to once again become Batgirl.

Last but not least in this newslist, here is something new and different that is being thrown into the mix:

Batwing #1 – Written by Judd Winick. Art by Ben Oliver. This comic will feature the  “first ever African-American character to don the mantle as the Batman of Africa.” (IGN)  Check out the first released image:


Stay tuned as DC releases more information about the upcoming event that will bring everything back to the beginning!


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