E3: Want to talk like Commander Shepard? You can with Mass Effect 3’s Voice Integration!


As we all know, Mass Effect has prided itself on its ability to truly immerse a gamer into their expansive sci-fi universe.  With Mass Effect 3 around the corner, we are all wondering, how will they top themselves this time?  Well, they certainly have outdone themselves this time.  BioWare now presents to us their newest functionality: Kinect integration.

During the conversations in the game, Kinect users can literally speak the option they wish Commander Shepard to say as opposed to using the controller to make the choice.  The fact that we can now deliver the game’s dialog (which we know has a huge effect in Mass Effect) could significantly increase the immersion of the game.  You are literally going to be playing in Shepard’s Shoes!

Want more than just speaking the dialog in the conversations?  How about yelling out commands to your team in the heat of action during a firefight?  This includes actions like, providing cover fire, take cover, or even the use of a biotic power.  Not only will this mechanic be extremely exciting, it will allow you to more easily command your squad in the heat of battle and truly immerse yourself into the game.

Some may argue that utilizing your own voice for commands will take away the “feel” of the game because we have gotten so used to Shepard’s voice and his way of saying things.  This wont be the case for everyone, however, as many gamers will find this new feature to add a whole new level of depth to the way the game is played.  Good news, voice commands are a matter of preference and certainly will not be forced upon gamers.

Mass Effect 3 is scheduled for release on March 6, 2012, for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.


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