E3: “Minecraft” is Coming to Xbox 360 This Fall!


Mojang is working very hard on finishing a complete, console-friendly version of Mincraft that is due for Holiday season this year. Around the same time, the PC and Mac versions of the game will be finished with beta.

The awesome “retro” graphics will most likely remain unchanged.

There has already been slight modifications made with Minecraft to make it compatible with the Xbox Kinect, though those were completely unofficial. But let’s face it, what can be better than building giant castles or montages with your own hands? Microsoft didn’t end up showing off how Kinect is going to function in-game, but those who really want to get the full effect can probably expect a lot, and I mean A LOT of repetitive mining motions.  It is also looking promising that a head-tilt detection will come into play, which could terrify someone as you turn around to see a creeper in your face.

As Minecraft has a very well-supported online community, the online aspect of the console version has been seemingly left in the dark when it comes to how the servers will work.  It may be possible to transfer your Minecraft world over to the Xbox 360, but no official statement has been made regarding that topic.  However, it would be quite depressing if the game was release without the option to build with your friends online.

From the looks of it, Minecraft Kinect will be an Xbox Live Arcade title we’re guessing in the 1500-1800 Microsoft points range.  Quite pricey for an online purchase but it will definitely be well worth it, at least in our opinion.

Minecraft will be available for Xbox 360 with Kinect this Fall.


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