A Good Man Goes to War: Doctor Who Mid-Series Finale… The Ultimate Guide!


The Doctor is about to go to war… and we’re glad that we are on his side. We’ve compiled the ultimate guide to the hugely-anticipated mid-series finale, including trailers, clips, prequel videos, and high-quality episode captures.

Doctor Who series six has been divided into two mini-seasons and the first of the two mini-series is about to hit its groundbreaking conclusion with episode seven, A Good Man Goes to War. This article only contains officially released clips, trailers, and photos — so no worries, there’s no leaked spoilers!

Official “A Good Man Goes to War” video prequel:


“A Good Man Goes to War” trailers:


Officially-released “A Good Man Goes to War” scenes:


High-quality “A Good Man Goes to War” Photos:
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The mid-series finale is set to air this Saturday in the UK and USA. Doctor Who series six won’t pick back up until September, so be sure to enjoy A Good Man Goes to War!


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