The Soviets Sent a Dog, The US Sent a Nuke – Super 8 Online Comic Contest


“The Soviets sent a DOG, the US sent a NUKE.”  That’s the quote on the front cover of the promo mini comic book for the film Super 8. The mini comic was a surprise find for many DC comic readers when they discovered it tucked away in the pages of their weekly buy. The little book appeared to be straight out of the 1960s with its artistic style and worn appearance.

In writing this story, great care was taken to get the first part historically accurate. Nelec mentions Sputnik 2, the Van Allen Radiation Belts, and Explorer 3, and events stay true to history, right up to the fate of Explorer 3, which in this story is destroyed by aliens. The Russians first found them, but after the aliens destroying our satellite, our government decides to answer with a nuclear warhead. Nelec records everything for posterity, and he is seen at the end of this short insert with an 8mm camera. It would seem that film of events from this time period will figure into what happens in the movie. (

With so little information about this movie released to the mass media, Super 8 has gone to the streets with their marketing campaign. The final panel of the mini comic has been left blank. That’s because it’s part of a comic art contest. After reading this comic it is up to you to decide what should appear in the final page and then submit your artwork at the official contest website: (Unfortunatley the website does not include the comic, so you will have to actually go to the comic book store in order to know the premise of what you should draw within the last panel.)

 J.J. Abrams’ Super 8 is set to hit theatres in just a few weeks on June 10th.


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