Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Campaign Trailer Revealed!


This time around, Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm, is going to be a Zerg-centered expansion and we finally get Sarah Kerrigan’s point of view on everything.  Blizzard has very carefully kept all details a secret for the past few months and with Blizzcon 2011 around the corner, it wouldn’t be surprising for them to simply wait until then to release any information.  However, with the leaked video released last week, it looks like they may have pushed their schedule forward.

The trailer has a ton of baneling action and lots of explosions.  We also get a preview of the upgrades that are being made to the User Interface and menus in game.

Check it out here:

The way the campaign progresses is very similar to the previous Wings of Liberty Terran campaign.  Giving you different ways to build upgrades and also choose between units to use.  We will definitely see some old faces returning to the Hive considering the amount of familiar characters showed up in Wings of Liberty.  Very briefly in the trailer, it is clear that you can mutate a Baneling into two new units – Spitterling or a Gorgeling.  While the Gorgeling has never been described we did get a hint of what Spitterlings were from the trailer: “Splitterlings are like flatworms in that their nervous systems are completely decentralized. Cutting one in half results in each half creating an entire new albeit smaller unit.”

Kerrigan is your protagonist this time around, providing help both on and off the mission. WIth the new expansion, we will be introduced to a new Battle Focus system, which allows you to strategically set up what the primary focus will be for the mission.  You can plan to sneak around, sabotage, or just straight up carnage. There are three classes of Battle Focus, the only ones in the trailer, however, were Spec Ops an Corruption.

As an added bonus, check out this gameplay trailer:


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