Weekly Anime Recommendation, Week 4: Kaze No Stigma


Kazuma Yagami was a disgrace to his father and (his once former) Kannagi clan, as he could not use Enjutsu, the clan’s bloodline trait which allows them to control flames. He was banished from the family by his father after being defeated by Ayano during the successor ceremony for “Enraiha”, his family’s sacred legendary sword. Kazuma was the heir and next in line to lead the Kannagi family. Shamed, he disappears for four years, having been cut off from his family.

He returns to Japan after four years as a master of Fujutsu, basically a wind magic user. Although Fire users are considered the strongest of the magically blessed, Kazuma’s abilities in Fujutsu are extraordinary. He has the ability to fly at will while carrying others, generate very strong barriers of wind, and manipulate the wind into blades that can cut pretty much anything.

Upon his return, he is seen in a mansion to perform an exorcism on a spirit which has been causing the homeowner problems. He makes quick work of the spirit as he cuts it up without taking his hands out of his pockets. Kazuma is essentially a jack of all trades, a mercenary for hire. If the price is right, he’ll take the job. He has a cocky, cold, yet kind personality. While it is a mystery as to how he gained the ability to manipulate wind, he inevitably ends up working for his former Kannagi family. His ability to track targets using the wind is a necessary skill the Kannagi family recognizes.

They ultimately end up “partnering” him with Ayano, a short-tempered girl and next to be the head of the family. She is the current wielder of Enraiha and has great potential. Kazuma and Ayano constantly bicker and tease each other. Despite their conflict, Jugo Kannagi (the current head of the family) hopes that they will form a relationship, as he wants Kazuma to rejoin the family. Over time, they start getting along as their feelings for each other grow.

Overall the show is pretty funny, with some decent action and storyline. There are 24 episodes (and room for a second season, but no sign of one soon). It’s worth watching and available on Netflix for those of you who have it.


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