Supernatural: The Unsettling Finale Of Season 6


Possible spoilers ahead!

May 20th marked the end of Supernatural’s sixth season in a special, two-hour-long event. A year of search for Purgatory and dealing with all sorts of new monsters (including the Mother of them all) has finally come to its unsettling end. While I enjoyed seeing Dean living a normal life in the season premiere and seeing characters like Crowley and Death return, I have to say, I wasn’t very fond of the route the show was taking in the first half or so of the sixth season with the Sam-has-no-soul storyline. At times, it was quite daunting and repetitive, though there were still plenty of enjoyable moments, like the show poking fun at Twilight in the episode “Live Free or Twihard” or the appearance of fairies, no less, in “Clap Your Hands If You Believe”. To me, the season really picked up with “Like a Virgin” and the appearance of… dragons. Nothing is impossible on Supernatural, as I think we all know by now.

Episode 21, “Let It Bleed”, focuses on Lisa and Ben being abducted by Crowley in his attempt to get to Dean. Balthazar, surprisingly, is willing to help Winchesters in tracking Lisa and Ben down. Dean manages to get to them but it turns out that Lisa is possessed by a demon and things get a lot more complicated from there (if that is even possible). Meanwhile, Bobby tracks down one of the creatures from Purgatory who turns out to be Dr. Visyak, the dragon expert from “Like a Virgin”. She reveals that the door to Purgatory was opened once before by H.P. Lovecaft and his accomplices (and I thought it can’t get any stranger than dragons). Trouble is, Castiel also gets to Dr. Visyak, and her fate is left to be revealed in the final episode.

Episode 22, “The Man Who Knew Too Much” kicks off with “Carry On, My Wayward Son” as tradition goes, proving once more why “The Road So Far” montages at the end of each season remain one of my most favorite things about the show. The final episode starts off with all hell breaking loose – literally – inside Sam’s head, since there is nothing now to hold his memories of being in hell. Various versions of him are fighting inside his head, while in the outside world Castiel prepares to open the doors of Purgatory. Naturally, Dean and Bobby try to stop him (Sam joins them near the very end) but they end up being only bystanders as Castiel assumes his new powers. He reaches his goal and kills Raphael, but doesn’t want to let go of all his newly found power and we are left to ponder over the last scene of this season where Castiel proclaims himself to be the new God. But not to worry – we will get to see what happens next in the fall, since seventh season has been confirmed.

I really enjoyed the two episodes being shown back to back and not having to wait another week  for the conclusion (or rather, another torturous cliffhanger). While I didn’t find this finale as intense as some of the previous ones, the transformation that Castiel went through was quite unsettling, especially, keeping in mind what his character was like back in season 4, for example. I really enjoyed the development that Balthazar’s character got in these two episodes. I had mixed feelings about Dean’s decision regarding Lisa and Ben in episode 21 which was also heartbreaking, to say the least. There is also Sam and his memories of hell, and it is not entirely clear, what the effects on his mind and soul will be. As always, summer is going to be very long.


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