BEA, Day Two: Famous Authors, Desired Books, and Pure Chaos


(Lauren Zurchin) After getting a whopping twenty-two books on day one of BEA, I had high expectations of today, and it didn’t let me down. Though a little different, today held the same charm and excitement that I had hoped for.

Unfortunately, it was way more crowded this time, which made waiting in line for books a lot more frustrating. Still, the waiting was worth it. I got some serious book prizes: Crossed by Ally Condie, Goliath by Scott Westerfeld, and a sample of The Death Cure by James Dashner, to name a few. Can I just say how excited I am to read these? Very.

We also hit up the Harlequin Teen booth again, and though there were four authors to start with, by the time we got through the incredibly long line there were only two authors left. But boy, was I excited, because it was Maria V. Snyder and Julie Kagawa. I just featured Maria in my under-the-radar post, so clearly I’m a fan, and though I haven’t read Julie’s books, I just bought them and I have them on my to-read list.

There were other big authors I spotted when walking around, like James Patterson, Richelle Mead, and Christopher Paolini. Yeah, CP was there signing beautiful posters containing all four covers. He was super busy, so we didn’t visit with him, but it was great to see the huge fan support.

After lugging our loot back to our hotel, we went to Christopher’s event, which took place at the NYC Apple store in SoHo. Keep in mind that this is the first real event that I’ve , and though he and I have chatted through other means, I’ve never met him in person. So for me this was pretty huge. The event was great. He started off answering questions asked by his editor, Michelle Frey. Most of them we’ve heard before, but he was still really engaged and excited to answer them. They followed this up with him reading a tense scene from Inheritance (that of course ended with a cliffhanger), and wrapped up with the typical Q&A. I got to chat with him for a bit after the signing, discussing some of the recent literary hits, and it was a lot of fun.

Honestly, today was more about quality whereas yesterday was sheer quantity. One day left. I hope it’s a good one!


(Jackie Krah) What can I say about day two? Holy fan-mania, Batman. I’m not sure what happened, but somehow the floodgates opened and YA fans stormed the floors to get ARCs and autographs from their favorite authors. The line was so long at the Harlequin Teen line signing (and we got there over a half an hour in advance) that out of the five featured authors, only two remained with ARCs  by the time we got there:  Julie Kagawa and (luckily for me, a woman who is a favorite author of mine…) Maria V. Snyder. Score!

The rest of the day was a blur of author lines, YA craziness, and crepes. Oh yeah. This place has the best crepes I’ve ever had in my life. (Sorry … that was a tangent.) The blur ended when I was pulled out of my awe for the signing of the debut novel Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I have been gunning for this book ever since I saw the trailer months ago. I thought I’d have to wait until September for the book to come out, BUT, thanks to the glory of BEA I’ll be able to satiate my insane excitement for this debut novel right away. Considering Erin is a new-to-the-scene novelist, I really thought I’d be able to walk right up and grab an ARC, a signature, and walk away. Oooohhhhh no. Thank goodness I got there early. I suppose I wasn’t the only one inspired by Random House’s spectacular trailer and marketing campaign for this novel, because the line went all the way down the hall and wrapped around the corner. Way to go Erin Morgenstern! Good for her as a new contender in the fantasy field!

As if the day could get any better, it ended with a podcasted broadcasted interview of Christopher Paolini at the local Soho Apple store. I had never seen Christopher Paolini before and I was really impressed by his confidence and speaking skills. If you get a chance to check out this interview you absolutely should. Our sister site has provided live coverage of the event. Apple Itunes will also have the live podcast of the interview up within a few days.

The past three days (two days of BEA and the YA carnival on Monday) have been uber-productive. I am so excited about the months and months worth of upcoming books, interviews, and events for which we now have the hook-up. Great things ahead, Lytherians!



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