Assassin’s Creed: Revelations First Screenshot’s And Trailer!


It is starting to feel like our first hands on with Assassin’s Creed: Revelations with E3 being just a few weeks away.  With hookblades and bombs being added to the game, along with a new Eagle Sense that allows players to see the path of their enemies, you can expect gameplay to change significantly.  Ubisoft is doing their best to pump everyone up for what is to come during E3, they have kindly provided us with a brand new trailer and some awesome screens.

The trailer does not show any gameplay, however, it does tease the opening trailer. Check it out:

The trailer shows Ezio walking through the arches near Masyaf, which you might recall from the last game. Add in some images with Ezio fighting in his present time that get interrupted by Altair fighting similar battles in the past. Finally, we see a clip that shows the assassin’s blade being broken by another sword. It is hard to tell which assassin that is, but it is likely that it could either be Ezio or Altair’s last moments that will be relived in Revelations.

Here are  the new screenshots which showcase a beautiful variation in scenery in the stark contrast between Masyaf and Imperial North Port in Constantine.

The hookblade is present in every screenshot and the first one shows Ezio using one of the ziplines around the city to move quickly between two points.  The guard obviously knows Ezio is coming, so maybe they got smarter this time around and are able to possibly prevent a sneak attack.

You can clearly see Ezio’s hookblade in all the screenshots, and the last screenshot shows Ezio using one of the Ziplines located around the city to move quickly between two points. The guard doesn’t look unsuspecting, so it may be that guards can see you coming and react before you manage to launch a surprise attack.


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