Is Alan Wake returning to Bright Falls?


Just a rumor as of now, but our favorite troubled write, Alan Wake, may be returning here very shortly for some more thrilling and suspensful action. 

Sources have reported a new Xbox Live Arcade title, dubbed “Alan Wake: Night Springs” should be hitting your consoles for download in the near future.  As of right now, no screenshots have been provided.  According to XBLAFans, the same informant who dropped the this rumor, is the same one that outed the recently announced Monolith downloadable title Gotham City Imposters several months ago. 

Night Springs is the name of the television series that appeared all over the place on the random TV sets throughout the game.  It is also worth noting that Alan Wake also mentioned in the game, that he had once written for the Twilight Zone-style program.  While Remedy is not commenting on the rumor, they have stated that Alan Wake will indeed return in a new game; however, the new title would not be a sequel or downloadable content for the original game.


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