First Photo of Bane, Villain in “The Dark Knight Rises”


The first photo of Bane, the villain from The Dark Knight Rises, was recently revealed by participants in an online viral marketing campaign for the upcoming Batman flick!

Bane, played by Tom Hardy, is a feared criminal genius in Gotham city. However, Bane wasn’t always the evil and powerful monster that he is now. Bane spent many years bulking up in prison before becoming a forced test subject for a powerful poison named Venom. This drug warps Bane, giving him superhuman strength. But should Bane not take the drug every twelve hours, its effects will wear off and its serious and debilitating side-effects will begin to take hold.

Bane’s exact role in The Dark Knight Rises remains unclear.

Here’s a look at Bane from the Batman comics for comparison:

What do you think of the new villain?


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