Bungie Accidentally Confirms New Game Titled “Destiny”


Bungie has been very secretive lately, especially when it came to their new rumored hit title.  We do know that Bungie’s new game is going to be a massive multiplayer online action game, but beyond that we had no details.

Earlier this year, an employee that was let go by Bungie revealed that he had been working on a project titled “Destiny” with the codename ‘Tiger.’  This was the only name related to the game to come out and now there is evidence to support that Destiny is most definitely the title of Bungie’s next game.

Finally, thanks to Bungie.org, we have our first official confirmation that Destiny isn’t just a name tossed out by an angry ex-employee but actually an intellectual property registered with a company owned by Bungie’s President, Harold Ryan and Composer, Martin O’Donnell.  After discovering that the company’s name was Podophobia Entertainment, Inc., a search of trademarks revealed that Podophobia has a trademark registered for Destiny.

The Trademark page for Destiny shows us a logo and very, very brief details about what the trademark is for. Destiny was described as, “Computer game software; Computer game software downloadable from a global computer network; Video game software; Virtual reality game software.”  This pretty much confirms that Destiny is indeed the name of Bungie’s soon-to-be MMO.

There were other trademarks filed by Bungie earlier this year as well.  “New Monarchy,” “Seven Seraphs,” “Osiris,” and “Dead Orbit” to name a few.  Although these are still a mystery, it is likely they could be connected to Destiny as a theme, faction, characters, or some part of the world that makes up Destiny.

Bungie’s absence from this year’s E3 may be a sign of the scope of the project as even after all that time since the release of Halo: Reach, the game still isn’t ready to be shown or teased to the public. With Bungie striving to be more like Blizzard and Valve, this could mean that we could be waiting “until it’s ready” before we ever get a glimpse at Destiny.


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