Nintendo HD “Leak” Video


There is a video lingering arounf on YouTube that is meant to look like someone taking footage with their phone’s camera in a top secret meeting for the next Nintendo console.  Could the be the rumored Nintendo HD?

The video is simply titled “Private presentation of ‘Project Cafe’ by a video games editor” and apparently went up yesterday.  In the video there is what appears to be a boring looking slideshow with what we know think could be a prototype Nintendo HD console.  There is a diagram of the controller with a screen in the center that we know is already rumored.  There is no sound on this video so it is hard to tell what the presenter is saying.

It looks odd to me, what do you think?


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Shaun Hilton is a passionate and life-long gamer, to say the least. He spent many years as the raid leader and main tank for a World of Warcraft guild, is an active Overwatch and Hearthstone player, and enjoys a game or two of Heroes of the Storm.

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