Early “Transformers 3” Review Claims Movie is Best Yet, Fans Sigh in Relief


Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon is the third installment in the critically-heckled yet visually-impressive Transformers franchise. The movie has been heavily promoted through trailers and stills/posters, yet word had yet to hit the internet on whether the film is actually any good. The wait is over — the film’s first review has hit the web, and surprisingly to some, it calls the film the best yet!

The reviewer, Capone of famed movie review site Ain’t It Cool News, has stated that although he was shown a 2D screening of the film, he was still impressed — despite the fact that the film was shot in 3D. Here are some highlights from his review (they due include some very minor spoilers):

  • Some of the film’s action takes place in Washington DC, which takes “quite a beating” in the film
  • The final hour of the film, which includes the absolute destruction of Chicago, left the reviewer breathless — in a good way!
  • Much of the film’s 3D potential was clear throughout
  • “The first hour and a half of DARK OF THE MOON focuses primarily on story (with brief fight and chase sequences pepperd in), but it’s actually a cool story about the Autobots finding out that the technology that was supposed to save their race and planet has been sitting on the moon the entire time they’ve been on earth and nobody bothered to tell them; Optimus Prime is not amused.”
  • “The clever script manages to find new ways to place Transformers into world events, including one particularly nasty “accident” at the nuclear power plant at Chernobyl, which was actually the result of some of the moon technology being experimented on.”
  • Megan Fox’s replacement is “miles better” than Fox and her character in the two previous films
  • “The Twins” aren’t in the film
  • It was apparent when watching the film that Bay decided to make much of his action sequences “more practical” than in previous films. How you do that with giant talking car-to-badass-robot-machines is beyond us, however…

If you want to know all of the juicy details, check out Ain’t It Cool News for their review!


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