Diablo 3 Follower System Unveiled, Shows Enchantress, Scoundrel, Templar


Blizzard recently revealed that production for Diablo 3 is nearing completion, with the game recently hitting in-house beta testing aiming to propel the title toward a Q4 2011 release. This means that the much-hyped game features that Blizzard has been teasing over the past few years should finally be demo’d in public.

The first of these hyped features is the Diablo 3 follower system, a new addition to the game which will allow players to be accompanied by fully customizable AI-controlled followers to aid adventurers on their journey. The new system differs tremendously from Diablo 2’s “hirelings” system, which offered fairly generic and non-customizable mobs which would follow the player and aid in their travels.

The follower system is introducing three unique followers which will be encountered and eventually unlocked by players as they journey through Sanctuary:

  • The Enchantress, Eirena, a conduit for sorcerous forces capable of empowering you and confusing your enemies
  • The Scoundrel, Lyndon, a roguish wanderer with a crossbow and a knack for getting into trouble. “The Scoundrel is called a Scoundrel for a reason, he’s a bit of a lighter character with a humorous but dark side and he emits a feel that is very different from the Templar who is more of a pure and good character.”
  • The Templar, Kormac, a hulking, spear-wielding warrior following a harsh and unyielding code of ethics. “The Templar order is a new group that we’re introducing as part of the Diablo universe; they have their own agenda, they’re not paladins, and they have a different belief system and code of ethics that they follow.”

A new system has been introduced to the game allowing players to customize their followers’ abilities through a skill-tree system, as well as enabling the player to choose its follower’s gear. Followers’ power will increase alongside your own as they join you in slaying monsters and enemies growing in difficulty during your journey. Players will only be allowed to have one follower with them at a time.

Perhaps most interesting was Blizzard’s revelation that followers cannot be controlled by the player. Followers have been added as a compliment to the player’s own arsinal, but worrying about the follower outside of customizing its abilities and ensuring its safety in battle will not be among player concerns.

Check out the full game trailer for Diablo 3’s follower system:


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