Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3?


Rumors have been flying around for weeks and today it finally boiled over.  Our friends over at Kotaku say the game is being release on Tuesday, November 8th.  Although it has not been said which consoles will be getting the new release, its pretty easy to guess that PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 will.

According to the gaming blog, the game will begin shortly after Modern Warfare 2 ended, following a surprise attack on the United Stated by the reinvigorated Russia.  The game will apparently start with the outbreak of World War III, with battles placed in cities as New York, Paris, London and Dubai.

According to the report, the game’s single-player campaign will be divided between several characters, including a British SAS Operative, AC-130 gunship gunner, a tank driver, and a member of the Russian Federal Security Service, known by its acronym of the FSB. It will apparently feature two new members of the US Army’s super-secret Delta Force, called “Frost” and “Sandman.” Kotaku believes these characters are being prepped for protagonists for future installments in the series.

In terms of multiplayer, the game will apparently have a variety of maps in addition to two Spec Ops modes: “Survival” and “Mission.”

As of press time, Activision had not commented on the report about the game, which is reportedly being co-developed by Sledgehammer Games, Raven Software, and the “reconstructed” Infinity Ward. Activision’s newly constructed studio Beachhead is also working on an online platform for the game, the details of which have yet to be revealed.



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