Final Teaser before release of DC’s Flashpoint #1


Today launches the much anticipated DC event, Flashpoint. Even though the first issue will be on the shelves in a few hours, DC Comics has released one last teaser image to try to stir up some excitement. As a recap, Flashpoint will be a five-issue main series by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert. The point of this event is to establish a world that is completely different from the DCU that we are all used to seeing, yet this isn’t set in another dimension. Characters will be turned upside down and put into roles that are a far stretch from their regular lives (think Batman as lord of the casino scene for example). It will be up to Barry Allen (The Flash) to figure out what has happened to the world and restore everything back to normal.

In addition to the main five issues, Flashpoint will become extraordinarily expansive for those who want to follow the entire ordeal. The plot will run into 16 supporting mini-series as well as four additional one-shots. The following is the last hint you will get before you actually make it to the comic store for Flashpoint #1



And in case you missed them, here are some other intriguing pics:


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