“X-Men: First Class” Character Trailers Offer Looks at Banshee, Havoc, Beast, Mystique


X-Men: First Class has been pretty hit-and-miss with fans since the film was first announced. Its heavily airbrushed and Photoshop’d promotional posters have come under heavy fire and its past trailers have been relatively lackluster. However, Fox has recently begun releasing character-driven trailers for the upcoming flick, which showcase individual characters from the movie. The first four, featuring Banshee, Havoc, Beast, and Mystique were recently released and actually look pretty cool. Check them out:

Banshee: Mutant, hypersonic screaming and flight: 
Havoc: Mutant, absorb and discharge blasts of sonic energy:
Beast: Scientist, political activist, and mutant:
Mystique: Mutant, shapeshifter:

What do you think of the new character trailers? Has First Class redeemed itself?


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