Last Month on Lytherus: A Summary


Between the multiple news articles and reviews we’re releasing each day and the life you tend to offline, you may find it hard to keep up with all of the exciting developments in the world of fantasy, scifi, and horror. That’s where we’ve got you covered! Whether you missed a day, week, or the entire month, it no longer matters — because we’ve thrown together a collection of the biggest and best reviews, interviews, editorials, and news from Lytherus posted in April. It’s a great content summary to get you caught up on what you missed or to review everything that went down!

Each week Lytherus releases a list of all fantasy and scifi books hitting store shelves that week — great for those looking for new books! We also release a monthly list of video game releases.

Exclusive Lytherus Reviews:


Looking for some new books, video games, and anime to enjoy? Check out this month’s recommendation lists!


Exclusive Lytherus Interviews:


Big and Breaking News:


More Fantasy and Scifi News From Lytherus:

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