Free Topcow title eComic from WOWIO. All you have to do is “like” it


WOWIO is offering a free comic PDF download if you “like” their facebook page. This is something that WOWIO does every once in a while, so they are a good site to keep an eye on for free publications.

This week’s free comic is The Darkness #75 by Phil Hester and Michael Broussard.

The Darkness should be classified in the Supernatural/Horror genre:

Before time was time, the Earth was formless and void and darkness stretched over the surface of the deep. Then God said “Let there be light.” And there was light, and God saw that it was good. So, being the guy that he is, he decided to meddle some more and separate the light from the darkness. And the darkness? The Darkness resented it. In that moment, a bitterness and spite was born that would fester and grow for centuries, distilling itself to raw, seething perfection. Ages would pass before The Darkness found a vessel worthy to inherit its boundless hatred. The vessel was mankind, God’s most favored of all his creations.

The Darkness found fertile ground for its chaotic lust in the bloodline of a family thought barely human by its fellow man: the Estacados. Each new generation inherited the gifts of The Darkness, spreading misery and unyielding chaos across the kingdoms of man. When each bearer conceived an offspring the curse of The Darkness would betray its host, leaving him to die as it bound itself to the newly innocent life, like wolves to a slaughter of defenseless lambs. (Description from Topcow. Read the rest of the summary HERE)

And what is WOWIO? Here’s the basic premise as described by their website

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WOWIO is a good source of cheap, quality ebooks and ecomics. Check it out!


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