Weekly Anime Recommendation, Week 2: Eden of the East


This week’s watch was Eden of the East. I kept seeing ads all over for it and Netflix kept trying to get me to watch it, so I finally did; I was not disappointed. Well, maybe a little disappointment because there are only 11 episodes… and 2 movies; but in any case the show was definitely worth watching. I recommend this series to anyone who enjoys a good Bourne trilogy type of psychological thriller.

The show starts off with this 21 year old Japanese girl named Saki Morimi touring in Washington D.C. She is at the White House because she wanted to throw a coin into the fountain on the grounds. Apparently the Japanese don’t know, you just don’t throw stuff at the White House. Security immediately confronts her. When they begin questioning her, a man, and the protagonist of the show, appears to help her out. This man calls out to them from across the street, completely naked and wielding a cell phone and a gun. The police redirect their attention from Saki to this mysterious man. He manages to lead the police away and approaches Saki, who gives him her overcoat and hat for helping her. They part ways for now as she has a flight to catch back to Japan.

The man makes a phone call and a woman named Juiz answers and instructs him on ‘where to go after the procedure’. Apparently, he had his own memory wiped. Juiz sends him a map to an apartment where he lives. She also informs him of his remaining balance (in digital money) of 8.2 billion Yen. Pretty much completely confused, he heads to the location on the map. His apartment hints that he may be a terrorist, as he has a plethora of guns and passports with different identities.

Saki arrives at the apartment to reclaim her jacket, which has her wallet and passport inside it. The man grabs her jacket and a Japanese passport for himself with the name Akira Takizawa and decides to go to Japan with her.

Takizawa is an interesting guy; he always has a positive, care-free attitude in any situation. Armed with a little over $100 million and a cell phone with an operator that will perform and request he has, he aims to uncover his lost memory of just what the hell he has gotten himself into.

Eden of the East may not have crazy action or supernatural aspects, but the mystery surrounding Takizawa is enough to keep you watching. It is one of my favorite shows so far and it will hopefully be one of yours too. I give it a 4 out of 5, only because it was kind of short… despite the movies. Well worth watching however.




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