Video Game Releases – May


May looks like a pretty big month for us gamers!  Take a look to see what is in store!


Based off the upcoming movie, developed by Sega. Thor battles through the numerous worlds of Norse mythology to save Asgard. Players will wield the iconic Mjölnir, Thor’s legendary hammer, to fight enemies of an immense scale while controlling the elemental storm powers of lightning, thunder and wind to vanquish enemies. Thor must overcome monstrous foes lifted from the pages of the comics, including Ulik, Ymir and Surtur, as well as other daunting enemies. This game is set to release on May 3rd.


F.E.A.R. 3

Nine months ago, the F.E.A.R. Pointman and his squad were tapped to stop an unknown man who had commandeered a battalion of Replicas at the Armacham research facility in the Northwestern US city of Fairport. During the mission, the Point Man learned that the man was not working alone – in fact, the very people the Point Man was ordered to subdue were his telepathic, cannibalistic brother, Paxton Fettel, and his tortured and psychically powerful mother, Alma Wade — products of Armacham Technology Corporation’s perverse paranormal experiments. Despite this revelation, the Point Man moved forward with standing F.E.A.R. team orders to stop the targets at any cost. In a last-ditch attempt to end the pair’s homicidal rampage, the F.E.A.R. team set in motion an explosive series of events that seemingly accomplished their goal, but at the cost of ravaging the city, its inhabitants and almost all of the Point Man’s squad mates.  Make sure you keep your lights on when you play.  Grab this one on May 24th.



Yes, yes, we have had it out for awhile now on the consoles, but it should be noted that the PC release is scheduled this month!  Fable III is set 50 years after the events of Fable II on the continent of Albion where the Fable II series is set. The old monarch, the hero of Fable II, has died and left the Kingdom of Albion to Logan, the player’s older brother. Some characters allude to how Logan has “changed” in the last four years, and is excessively tyrannical now. After a traumatic event that Logan forces upon the player, they escape Logan’s castle along with their mentor, Sir Walter Beck and their servant, Jasper. The player then starts to gather allies to aid in a revolution against Logan. Look for this one on the shelves starting May 17th.



Like first and third games in the series, the game takes place on the planet Mars. It is set in the year 2170, fifty years after the events of Red Faction: Guerrilla. Since the liberation of Mars, the surface of the planet has become uninhabitable. This occurred when the massive Terraformer machine on Mars which supplied it with its Earth-like atmosphere was destroyed following the strike of a huge meteor, causing super-tornados and violent lightning storms to engulf the planet. In order to survive, the Colonists were forced to flee to the underground mines of Mars built by their ancestors, creating a network of habitable caves under the surface of the planet and setting up colonies there.  Can you survive?  Check it out on May 31st.



The game takes place in the near future in an enormous floating city known as “The Ark,” off the coast of San Francisco. It was only meant to support 5,000 people, but ended up having to provide for ten times as much. The thousands of people in the city quickly became unsatisfied with the lack of food, clothing, and water, and formed a faction known simply as “The Resistance,” demanding more of these essentials. After the Ark’s leaders refused, they armed themselves to seize power for themselves and distribute water and food freely, claiming that the Ark has plenty of renewable resources. The Ark had little need for a security force at the outset, but quickly began recruitment and went on a firearm shopping spree to counter the Resistance. Now the only place on the Ark where there is any level of peace is the area around the capitol, where the Ark’s leaders are frantically trying to contact the outside world for aid. The Resistance are looked at by security as terrorists, and the resistance look at the security as oppressive soldiers hired by the Ark’s “leaders” to crush the Resistance. Players will be able to play as both the factions. This game focuses heavily on the parkour style of moving around, which makes it look very interesting.  Look for this on on May 10th!


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