Dylan Dog Trailer, Dark Comedy In Theaters April 29!


DYLAN DOG: DEAD OF NIGHT is a new horror/comedy film based on one of the world’s most popular comics (60 million copies worldwide). Brandon Routh stars as Dylan Dog, world famous private investigator specializing in affairs of the undead. His PI business card reads “No Pulse? No Problem.” Armed with an edgy wit and carrying an arsenal of silver and wood-tipped bullets, Dylan must track down a dangerous artifact before a war ensues between his werewolf, vampire and zombie clients living undercover in the monster infested backstreets of New Orleans. (Official Summary)

Ok, so by the description it sounds rather … typical. But in watching the rather funny trailer (despite the absurd Mr. Moviephone narrating voice) as well as the opening scene (see both below), I dunno. I think I’m going to have to check this out now.

Then there’s Brandon Routh. PerhapsĀ I shouldn’t look at Brandon Routh and (with that slight facial tick one might get with all horrible comic movies) think ‘Ack. Bad Superman! Bad!’ Perhaps this could be his redemption.

Official Trailer:

Opening Scene:


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