Are you looking for action?  How about epic world building and a brand new magic system?  How about characters that are wonderfully conceived, thought out and executed?  I seem to keep on wanting to say the word epic when I am talking about this series but maybe that is because it truly is.  I have read a lot of Fantasy and Science Fiction over the years and it is rare now for me to so thoroughly enjoy a book almost from the first page – that is not due to any fault in the author, but rather that more often than not it feels like I have read it before in a slightly different guise and the originality that I crave just is not there.

With The Way of Kings, the first book in the Stormlight Archives that is just not the case.  The characters are enjoyable and believable, the magic system (what I can understand of it!) and how it works is new and interesting, the world, its creatures, legends and history are completely different and have I mentioned some of the fight scenes?  Wow – its like a John Woo movie sequence on a page, but even that does not give the way its written justice!

In The Way of Kings the history of man on the planet Roshar has been lost.  Something happened in the far distant past when the Heralds of the Almighty along with the Knights Radiant fought a mysterious and unknown enemy.  But, the Heralds left and the Knights betrayed humanity.  Now in the midst of an immense war on the Shattered Plain a dead King’s brother needs to understand, his brother’s dying words and solve the mysteries of the past.

Brandon Sanderson has brought us the Mistborn Saga and has also been selected to complete Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series.  His own new work – The Stormlight Archives – is a definite contender already for the title of successor to the Wheel of Time.


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