Weekly Anime Recommendation, Week 1: Requiem For The Phantom


So I actually just recently added Netflix as another source for watching dubbed anime; I must say, I may have gone a little overboard these last couple of weeks. Because of my newfound conglomerate of shows, I decided to let you guys in on what I’ve watched each week and whether or not you might be interested as well. I give you:



Requiem For The Phantom is a pretty sweet show mainly about this Japanese kid codenamed “Zwei” (German for the number 2, pronounced “tsv-eye’). The show starts off leading you right into some action as Zwei rolls up to a mansion and starts slaughtering guards like nothing. 30 seconds into this show and I was ready to see more. After the opening, he wakes up in a room with no memory. Armed with a lead pipe, he traverses the corridors of an abandoned warehouse as he seeks a way out, only, he is not alone. His actions are being monitored by a scientist and a suit; they appear somewhat impressed with his sensory awareness and instinct. The suit calls upon his puppet, a super-assassin girl named “Phantom”, aka “Ein” (1 in German). She is instructed to hunt him down; they are testing him, as she is told to restrain herself.

After a brief chase, he realizes he isn’t going to get away. She tosses him a knife and they fight. He is clearly outmatched as she relentlessly attacks him. In such a dire situation, his instincts take over and he manages to pin her down, but he stops as the knife reaches her neck.

The suit, named Scythe Master, enters the room and explains some stuff, basically that Zwei is worthy of joining them. Essentially, he is kidnapped by an assassin syndicate called Inferno. Zwei was brainwashed by Scythe Master so that he could be reborn as another super-assassin for Inferno, an underground criminal organization attempting to unite all known underworld mob gangs into one conglomerate using their Phantom to accomplish their goal.

Overall, the show is very good with a great plot. I tried to not give away too much about the first episode. After getting hooked, I went on a spree and managed to finish it in 2 days. I definitely think you will enjoy this series and all of Ein and Zwei’s ridiculous assassinations.


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