Nintendo Confirms Next-Generation Gaming Console!


Details remain scarce, but Nintendo has officially announced that their new console — a follow-up to the Wii — will be unveiled at the upcoming E3 conference in June and will officially release in 2012. The new console will be playable by E3 attendees immediately following its unveiling.

While we don’t know many confirmed facts, we are able to share some of the strongest rumors floating around the tech blogs:

  • The new console is believed to have a project codename of “Project Cafe”
  • The new console will not incorporate 3D (as their recent handheld release did) as not enough of the current market owns 3D TVs to justify the development time and costs
  • The console will become the most powerful console currently available on the market, as it is expected to pack slightly more power than the industry-leading PS3
  • The new console will feature new controllers, which are rumored to feature their own individual touch screens (pictured below)
  • The Wii’s Remote controllers will be cross-compatible with the new system

Check out a supposed mockup of Project Cafe’s new-gen controllers:


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