Supernatural: Season 6 is Back on the Road


“How do we stop Fate? Good question.”

Mild spoilers ahead!

After a month-long wait, Supernatural’s sixth season comes back with a bang. Well, with a bang of a garage door on somebody’s head, that is. This season’s 17th episode titled “My Heart Will Go On” (aired on April 15th) starts off with yet another gruesomely inventive freaky death, good old Supernatural style. Scenes like that always leave me wondering at just how far PG-14 can be stretched.

Long story short: the episode deals with Fate who comes to earth to put right what is wrong. The “wrong” in this case is all the descendants of passengers from Titanic which, are you ready, didn’t sink in 1912. That’s right – one of most iconic events of the twentieth century was prevented from happening by our angel buddy Balthazar who went back in time to change history. Needless to say, the “present” is different from what we are normally used to, in more than one way. I have to admit, I was a bit confused in the beginning before I realized that this was a different version of reality.

I see a lot of potential for the character of Fate. Hopefully, the writers will take advantage of it. Katie Walder, who portrayed her, did quite a convincing job. In this episode I finally noticed how much Balthazar (Sebastian Roche) has grown on me, even though he has pretty shady ways and I almost disliked him when he was first introduced this season. I particularly enjoy this aspect of Supernatural, from the very first time the angels were brought into the show: just how three-dimensional, different and interesting each one of them is.

“My Heart Will Go On” is full of hilarious Titanic jokes and other typically Winchester moments. Directed by the veteran Phil Sgriccia and written by the newer writers, Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder, this episode is a bit lighter than many this season, despite the seemingly heavy subject matter. However, as always in Supernatural, there is something very unsettling underneath the main plot. Castiel (practically the only angel on Winchesters’ side), for one, seems not to be telling everything to the brothers and that is troubling. Then there is also the civil war in heaven. It’s the sixth season already and Supernatural is still going full speed and manages to keep me on the edge of my seat every time.

But the question remains: how exactly do you stop Fate? One of the many unanswerable questions that Supernatural tackles as the season is swiftly approaching the grand finale.

Supernatural airs on CW, Fridays 9/8 c


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