Boss Challenge Mode coming to Ocarina Of Time 3DS


Today we were given some rather exciting news when it comes to the world of Zelda.  The new Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D will include a brand new mode, never before seen in any previous Zelda games.  Boss Challenge Mode.

In this exciting new mode you will be able to go back and revisit any old bosses that you have already defeated.  You can choose to fight them individually or in one giant chain boss rush battle!  This should bring many thrills to those who can’t just get enough of playing baseball with Ganondorf.

The first time we have seen a remake of the classic game was when Nintendo release the Ocarina of Time’s Master Quest, which basically was supposed to be a remixed version of the original with harder puzzles to solve, more enemies to defeat and was supposed to be harder.

I hope you will enjoy re-fighting bosses over and over again in this Boss Challenge Mode version as much as I will because let’s face it, the bosses are the best part about Zelda, Right?


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Shaun Hilton is a passionate and life-long gamer, to say the least. He spent many years as the raid leader and main tank for a World of Warcraft guild, is an active Overwatch and Hearthstone player, and enjoys a game or two of Heroes of the Storm.

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