Official Video from Hobbit Set Shows Amazing Sets, Costumes, Filming, Scenes, and More!


Peter Jackson and the brilliant team behind the upcoming Hobbit films have released the first in what appears to be a series of high quality videos showing the entire process behind the creation of the Hobbit films, from pre-production to filming. The first of the videos is over ten minutes long and offers an amazing glimpse at some of the incredible sets built for the Hobbit, a sneak peek at costumes and prosthetics, actors running walkthroughs, and more!

The video is rather revealing in terms of what we can expect from locations in the upcoming movie. Featured are sets within Rivendell, including Elrond’s chambers and several locations seen throughout Fellowship of the Ring (re-built for the Hobbit); the goblin tunnels below the Misty Mountains, which was the first location filmed for the movie; a look at the exterior and interior of Bilbo’s house in Bag End; and our first glimpse at the scene during which Bilbo, played by Martin Freeman, picks up the Ring.

View the full trailer below:

Check out our gallery of stills from the trailer for a closer look at the film’s sets!

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  • Elf Knight

    I just watched this last night and it looks EPIC!! One thing I am excited about is that Peter Jackson informed us that we will get a glimpse into other parts of Rivendel that we didn’t see before. This is because Bilbo Baggins took a lenghtly tour of Rivendell and things were much lighter back then while his stepson Frodo was merely passing through. I can’t wait!! I literally went crazy for ten minutes straight. lol! Being a huge, avid fan of all-things-Tolkien this was a tramendous breakthrough for me. It looks like there’s finally some hope after some 20-odd years of delays and no progress. God bless Peter Jackson for taking on this massive endeavour. It is really a huge undertaking but, due The Lord of the Rings movies, I trust his judgement and know that he will do it. The actors look fun to and it’s gonna be swell to get a sneak peak into their various activities as an epic journey of their own ensues whilst filming The Hobbit movies.


    • Agreed! Watching this behind-the-scene footage gave me chills I haven’t felt since the first time I encountered the LOTR poster with Elijah Wood, as Frodo, holding out the ring.

  • Anonymous

    This movie is going to be almost indescribable. I am so happy Peter Jackson is doing this movie because I know of no other director right now who could bring Tolkien’s masterpiece to the big screen and do it right. The Lord of the Rings was a great movie, even though he left out one of my favorite characters – Tom Bombadil. He did give some of Tom’s great lines to Treebeard which was OK.

    I am also happy Peter is going to give these updates and teasers for the movie like he did for LotR’s. It is going to make it harder to wait for the movie to be released.

  • Anonymous

    What I want to kno is will all of the blog updates be reposted here or will we have to hunt them down on the internet?

  • Anonymous

    What I want to know is, will all of the blog udates be reposted here, or will we have to go forth and find them on the internet?

    • we should post them here as they come out. If it eases your mind, both Mike and I posted this video at the exact same time (Mike got there first 🙂 ), so there were at least two of us who saw it. As soon as we see them, we’ll put them up. Trust me, I want to watch them too!

      • Anonymous

        Good, cuz I go to lytherus for everything I need with sci fi/fantasy and don’t really know anywhere else to look for this kind of stuff!

  • Anonymous

    I’m loving how excited and happy everyone is while working on this, almost as happy and excited I am while waiting.
    The anticipation makes it all the sweeter. =)