Official Video from Hobbit Set Shows Amazing Sets, Costumes, Filming, Scenes, and More!


Peter Jackson and the brilliant team behind the upcoming Hobbit films have released the first in what appears to be a series of high quality videos showing the entire process behind the creation of the Hobbit films, from pre-production to filming. The first of the videos is over ten minutes long and offers an amazing glimpse at some of the incredible sets built for the Hobbit, a sneak peek at costumes and prosthetics, actors running walkthroughs, and more!

The video is rather revealing in terms of what we can expect from locations in the upcoming movie. Featured are sets within Rivendell, including Elrond’s chambers and several locations seen throughout Fellowship of the Ring (re-built for the Hobbit); the goblin tunnels below the Misty Mountains, which was the first location filmed for the movie; a look at the exterior and interior of Bilbo’s house in Bag End; and our first glimpse at the scene during which Bilbo, played by Martin Freeman, picks up the Ring.

View the full trailer below:

Check out our gallery of stills from the trailer for a closer look at the film’s sets!

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