Villains Need Mentors Too! Marvel team liveblog on new Vengeance series


Marvel team Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta participated in a liveblog yesterday in order to explain their upcoming series: Vengeance. Vengeance will be a 6 issue run beginning in July that will take on a reflective quality on the Marvel Universe from some very unlikely points of view. Tom Brennan, editor, explained the new story arc simply: The series is an “exploration of villainy through the eyes of the next generation.”

The series will also focus on several big name, established villains: Magneto, Dr Doom, Bullseye, Dock Ock, and the Red Skull. These villains will be under the microscopes of their younger counterparts. “If the Marvel Universe is burning in Fear Itself, this is these kids’ response,” stated Dragotta.

The creative team go on in the liveblog to explain how Vengeance will be a different take on everything that is happing in the MU from any other point of view or book right now. In fact it sounds a little insane. “In the first eight pages, they go to Hitler’s Germany, the most insane nightclub, the Nine dimensions, and a homeless shelter,” said Marvel Assistant Editor Marc Strom. He goes on to explain why it is important to capture the MU in such a unique way:

Strommy: The classic Marvel villains they’re using and where they’re at the moment provides a throughline and a backdrop for the story. They reflect how fluid the Marvel Universe is, and how it evolves. The reaction of the young characters to the villains is the driving force …
For instance, if a young villain who idolizes Magneto finds out he’s a hero now, he’s going to be confused.

UltimateKidNova: Similarly, Loki is a kid. (That was Associate Editor Ben Morse)

Moving on to answer another question, Marc Strom says:
Strommy: Question about the series title–they’re dealing so much with what these villains have done and the legacy they’ve left behind. There is no “moment of vengeance” or anything like that, but the legacy the villains have left behind involves a lot of anger.

You can see the entire Liveblog interview here.

In addition, each cover will feature a beautiful painting-like image by Gabrielle Dell’Otto. They have already been released, actually. Check them out!


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