New X-Men First Class Trailer is the Best So Far


We’ve seen a plethora of stills and trailers released for the latest installment in the X-men movie franchise, X-Men First Class, released since the Super Bowl and we can’t say we’ve been thrilled with all of them. Fans have been majorly divided over whether to love or hate the new film… all before the movie even hits theaters.

The newest trailer released by the movie’s distributors is an international version featuring the English voices but foreign subtitles. Despite having subtitles on the screen the entire time, the trailer is our favorite so far. It features several new scenes and appears to offer a much better view at what the movie is at its core: a struggle between good and evil as the mutants emerge from hiding.

Check the trailer out for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments! (Unfortunately the uploader has disabled embedding of videos, so you’ll have to watch the trailer over on Youtube.)


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