“Ant-Man” Script Complete – Not In “Avengers”


The following Article was reported on The Examiner.com:

Joe Cornish revealed at the Kapow Comic Convention on Saturday that the “Ant-Man” script is complete and been submitted to Marvel Studios. “We delivered the second draft of ‘Ant-Man two days ago, and we’re really happy with it,” he said.

Director Joe Cornish and executive producer Edgar Wright have talked about the “Ant-Man” film, and they revealed a little bit of their progress on the film adaptation comic fans have been speculating about for a while now. “We’re currently working on it, not right now. But the day after tomorrow we’ll go to Los Angeles and…[nods to Edgar],” Cornish said about the status of the film. “We kinda have a stock response now, it’s true to say we’ve been writing it in some form. Weirdly, the treatment for ‘Ant-Man’ exists before Marvel Studios. There was a treatment that Joe and I did when Artisan had the kind of lower-rung Marvel properties and we wrote a treatment for it that exists before ‘Hot Fuzz’.”

“Basically, when I met Kevin Feige I said, ‘Oh, did you ever get our ‘Ant-Man’ treatment?’ and he had never read it so we submitted it properly like four years later. So it’s something me and Joe have genuinely been working on for nearly a decade and at some point we’ll finish the script.”

“The thing is, the script that I’ve written… the chronology of it or the way it works wouldn’t really fit in with what [The Avengers] do. And my film is very much an introduction to [Ant-Man], and so it wasn’t something where it felt right to introduce him in [Whedon’s] film.”

Ant-Man is Hank Pym and also creates a growth formula to become Giant Man – neither of which are slated to be a part of the “Avengers” film.


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