“Misfits” Set to Lose “Best Character” in Series 3


Misfits rocked the scifi/fantasy/thriller world when the show first debuted in late 2009. The British comedy-drama revolves around a group of misfit teenagers all stuck “doing time” in a community service program as a result of their numerous crimes. While out working, the group

The cast of the movie often joke that the series’ premise sounds incredibly lame on paper — and we’ll agree, the premise does sound a bit bland/cliche — but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Misfits is a hilarious and engageing show with brilliant characters, exciting plots, and writers that dared to try something new: a show’s scifi theme can successfully take a back seat to better plot threads. And the show’s writers did just that: the misfits’ powers are always second tier to the struggles of their every day life, be it murders, car thefts, or relationships. Their powers are simply complimentary.

While the show has always had a great set of main characters, no one has been willing to deny that Nathan, the group’s hilarious and dirty “front runner” steals the show with his jokes, antics, and actions. So it came as a shock to many when the show’s producers announced yesterday that Nathan, played by Robert Sheehan, will be leaving the show in a pre-series 3 web-exclusive video short, which will also introduce the newest character in the Misfits gang: Rudy.

“We are all sad to say goodbye to Robbie Sheehan – he has been brilliant as Nathan. Luckily for us, all of Nathan’s filthy lines were written by (creator and writer) Howard Overman, and there’s loads more where they came from – we call it the Overman dirt bank.”

And an exit as big as Nathan’s (ahem) needs to be pretty special right? Right? That’s why it’s happening right here, online, on your very own E4.com. Howard  is working on an exclusive online short that you’ll be able to get ahead of series 3 – details are still pretty hush hush but we do know one thing. IT’S IN VEGAS BABY! Knowing Nathan there’ll be more tripling than doubling down and more crabs than craps…

The online short will also introduce Rudy, a character joining the remaining Asbo 4. In Petra’s words, “Rudy is another classic Overman creation.” Cannot wait to meet him, then.

We have no doubt that Robert Sheehan will continue to shine with his career post-Misfits, but we can’t help but feel saddened that our favorite Irish Misfit will no longer entertain us with his completely inappropriate jokes and comments. And his ability to cheat death.


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