Mass Effect 3 Details Revealed!


A brand new set of details about Mass Effect 3 have just come out.  They reveal a lot of new information about the game and will also brief us about some important gameplay aspects.

Be warned, these are potential SPOILERS.

That being said, enjoy!

  • Humans aren’t the only species that can be Husk-ified.
  • ME3 begins with Earth’s assault by the Reapers, and things don’t look so good, but there’s something that is a silver lining, that makes it look like it’s actually possible to not lose against the reapers.
  • TIM has sent his top agents to take down Shepard, The combat is going to be much harder and melee attacks are going to have more focus.
  • Shooting specific armor parts can have certain effects, and the AI of the enemies will have them routing Shepard and will coordinate with each other.
  • Battlefields are going to be a great deal larger, and combat will be very varied.
  • Enemy Weapons can be picked up. Soldiers can carry all kinds of weapons, and other classes understandably less so.
  • There is a larger skill tree and RPG aspects are going to be more integrated.
  • Weapon Modding is a greenlight, with things like barrels and scopes.
  • Modding your weapons will vastly affect their appearance and how they function in battle.
  • So far the CONFIRMED SQUADMATES are: Ashley/Kaiden, Liara, Garrus, and James Sanders who is mentioned is an Alliance Marine.
  • Species Loyalty cannot only get obtained via Quests.
  • Levels will have ladders.
  • Available Squadmates will still maintain a balance, if per say Garrus had not survived ME2′s events.
  • Mass Effect 1′s decisions, such as sparing the Rachni, will have a grave impact in ME3.
  • There’s no railroad to the end of the game, there are multiple paths to take back Earth.

Is the anticipation growing yet?


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