Doctor Who Round-up: Full Length Trailers, New Scenes, Prequel Web Short


The BBC has been on a role with promotion for the hugely anticipated sixth series of the Doctor Who franchise, recently releasing two full length trailers for the show (one BBC trailer, one BBC America trailer). Additionally, the BBC has released the first web short — a prequel to episode one!

Oh-so-cleverly titled “Prequel 1”, the first web short written by Stephen Moffat (the show’s head writer), has hit the web! The Doctor Who team had recently announced that they would begin releasing web-exclusive prequels through their website prior to the release of each new series six episode. The episodes are designed to pave the way for the show’s plot, showing viewers what to expect from the upcoming episodes.

Prequel 1 is an eerie short, opening with an ominous phone ringing… which is eventually answered by an unnamed President of the United States from within the Oval Office at the White House. A creepy voice of a child eventually responds to the President… and then the camera shows us that the child’s voice is coming from a recorder. The end of the video is perhaps creepiest. “Look behind you,” the voice says. And boy do we get to see what’s behind the unnamed president…

The BBC and its American arm also simultaneously released two full length trailers for the upcoming season, which reveal some new scenes, monsters, and planets, including: the freaky and mysterious suited aliens from the prequel, animated porcelain dolls, the “Impossible Astronaut”, haunting ventriloquist dummies, depressed clowns, a new race of minotaur-like aliens, young sirens, a group of sea pirates, and our very favorite River Song. Check the new trailers out for yourself:

“The Doctor’s darkest hour” indeed! We can’t wait.


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