New Set Photos From Harry Potter 8 Leak! (Spoilers)


More images from the final Harry Potter film continue to leak onto the net despite WB’s attempted tight-hold on the movie’s promotional images. The latest photo, still making the rounds on fansites and blogs across the net, has been the most controversial yet!

Spoilers ahead!

The image features Harry Potter walking away from what appears to be Voldemort’s dead corpse, presumably following the final battle within Hogwarts. Fans are in a tizzy over several discrepencies between the supposed scene in the movie and what actually happens in the books: the major battle, which includes some of the best scenes from Harry Potter, is supposed to take place within the Great Hall. If this is in fact Voldemort’s place of death, does that mean the movie producers also changed some of the iconic scenes from the books?

Fans are still debating whether or not the photo is of Harry walking away from Voldemort, but convincing photos have been assembled leading us to believe it is in fact the evil wizard’s dead body. Take a look at the pictures and let us know what you think in the comments!

Comparing Voldemort's robes from the movie's trailer (right) to those of the dead body (left)

The original set photo, with the red circle highlighting what many believe to be Voldemort's body.

The final photo after the HP team works their visual magic. Is that a dead Voldemort, or just another casualty of his terror?


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